Burning, itching, painful?
We have a fast, discreet solution to treat nail fungus!

It can be effectively remedied with some suitable laser therapy treatments. 



Treatment time: The duration of laser nail fungus treatment usually takes 10 minutes on one affected area.

Recommended frequency: Once a week.

Recommended treatment volume: 6 treatments

Maintenance treatment: The long-term effect is approx. 


The price is set for a 1 occasion treatment on one affected area.

Nail fungus


    Laser treatment uses a special high-energy laser light to treat fungal nails without injury or pain. The light of the laser prevents the fungus in the nail and the soft part.



    In the first month of effective treatment - due to slow nail growth - there is usually no noticeable improvement in the nails, but the appearance of the untreated, uninfected nails is noticeable in the second treatment, followed by the slow progression of the abnormal, fungal nails.
    In the weeks after the treatment, with the growth of nails, the new, uninfected, healthy growth nails are visible. Experience has shown that the chance of healing is 80-90% by this method, far exceeding the effectiveness of treatment with the usual methods - cream, brushes, medicines.

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