6 occasions SHR permanent hair removal for total intimate area, gift thong-line and 6 occasions with umbilical cord treatment.


Did you ever had epilating resulting sparkling, inflammatory, stinging skin? Are you in need of hair removal? The tremendous benefit of flashlight depilation is the durability of permanent hair removal and hair follicles. After a few IPLs you will no longer need a razor or epilator, you do not have to wrap yourself with waxing, and you can forget the inflamed, reddened skin, the itchy feeling and the inflamed hair follicles!



SHR permanent hair removal for total intimate area

  • SHR - IPL depilatory procedure

    The new SHR - IPL depilatory procedure makes it easier and more permanent than ever before to get rid of stubborn and strong hair.


    The SHR hair removal process combines the benefits of laser and IPL (flashlight). For treatment, hairs must be in an active growth phase so that if someone begins to undergo such a treatment, no hair removal should be done with epilator or resin, just shave them, or cut them off for a month and a half.

  • The treatment

    Come with a 2-3 mm spiked bore size, this is the most ideal length for the laser to have a straight path to the hair follicle when you arrive at the treatment.


    There may be tiny needles, a lacy and warm feeling, but the machine's settings are shaped to make you the least discomfort. The main benefits of treatment are the quick, painless, simple and effective solution. SHR technology, unlike the diode laser, can also be used by those whose hair is light and have a shorter skin.

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