Hanging eyelids, wrinkles, disturb you but you do not want a plastic surgery?

This treatment was invented for you! :)
Plazma Pen is a New Professional Practice in Cosmetic Treatments in Hollywood, so you can skip plastic surgery.
With this unique technology the skin will be visibly tight on the eyelids and will open your eyes even immediately after a single treatment.



Treatment time: ...

Recommended frequency: every 2-3 weeks

Recommended treatment volume: 1-4 occasions

Maintenance treatment


The price is set for a 1 occasion treatment for one treated area

Plasma lifting 3. - hand treatment

  • APPLIED AREAS in this offer

    • Hand rejuvenation

    Plasma is an ionized gas that consists of ions and electrons. Electric plasma discharges are incinerated and evaporate the skin surface.
    The discharges that are applied during the treatment on the surface of the skin are actually stimulated by fibroblasts, stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the connective tissue and skin cells multiply, visibly tighten the skin and become more elastic. After full healing, the skin becomes tighter, the sagging parts stretch out after the first treatment. This depends on skin type, eyelid type.

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