Individualized weight loss, body shaping and skin tightening with 70 special treatments

Add the most stubborn surplus in the most effective way. Occasionally 14 treatments are performed, bombarding the fat cells, shaping your entire body, beautifying, tightening your skin. Their combined effect is amazing, and the end result will be spectacular! 

Individualized weight loss, body shaping and skin tightening


    Status survey - body weight, body fat, muscle mass, BMI measurement, blood pressure measurement, blood glucose measurement, photo taking, one week dieting diet
    14 treatments


    Treatments that are performed every time:

    Laser, muscle stimulation, microcircuit grease - with a machine up to 3 parts (30 minutes)
    Infra-therapy, wave-wave - with a machine, full body, arm (20 minutes)
    Manual vacuum massage, phototherapy - with a machine for 1 body part (10 minutes)
    Cavitation, radio frequency, needless mesotherapy - for 1 body part (10 minutes)
    3D Vibration Trainer (10 minutes)
    Machine foot massage (10 minutes)
    Hungry Moisturizer (1 Occasionally)
    Kneipp tread carpet with stones (10 minutes)
    You have tried a number of ways, but you have not achieved a breakthrough success over the extra-calipers until now? Choose the path that will ultimately lead you to become slimmer. Take part in a 5 custom, customized program combining special procedures!

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