HIFU treatment has been proven, refreshing the skin of the face and neck to save many of the inevitable plastic blades, and because its effect is spectacular, the treatment is painless, there was only one complaint: why can not you just sit down with the whole body?


The latest development of high-intensity, focused ultrasound technology, the HIFU BODYSHAPE equipment has arrived. HIFU BODYSHAPE is a definitive, non-invasive body shaping treatment, a non-surgical alternative to liposuction without surgery, incision, puncture and anesthesia. The vertical pulsed focussed ultrasound vacuum, combined, immediately and permanently, mechanically destroys the fat cells, thus improving fat cell cleavage and connective tissue tightening. What does this mean to you exactly? By having pain, risks, or healing time you can spend exactly where you want it, and with as much efficiency as if you were undergoing a surgical procedure.

The hip, waist, abdomen, outer or inner thighs are no longer a problem area. HIFU BODYSHAPE will serve your whole body to your satisfaction as it has done on your face.


    The offer includes: 2 optional body parts Bodyshape HIFU treatment, + 1 gift body part treatment
    For treating local fat deposits and reducing circles in problem areas such as the abdomen, hip, waist and the outer and inner thighs
    They undertake the guarantee up to the age of 65. Before and after, or in 3 months, we take a picture. Minimum 4-5-6 mm of tissue should rise everywhere.


    The offer contains:

    • 1 occasion HIFU - whole face, neck, decoltage
    • 1 occasion HIFU - Body Shape treatment

    HIFU LUX - face and body rejuvenating, tightening

    129,000Ft Regular Price
    34,830FtSale Price
    • Contraindications

      It is not recommended to apply this procedure:

      • For those with a thickness of less than 1.5 cm in thickness, the treatment is technically contraindicated.
      • Severe fatty liver or blood clotting disorders, liver disease, immune or connective tissue disease, aortic aneurysm, built-in foreign body, pacemaker, pregnancy and lactation.
      • When taking aspirin regularly. (suspension of taking over the entire treatment period)
    • Advantages of the treatment

      • Non-invasive (non-invasive) solution with spectacular and long-lasting results.
      • Fat tissue thickness and body size decrease, there are no unevenness in the treated area.
      • It is a selective, safe technology that only results in the cleavage and dissolution of fat tissue without damaging the adjacent blood and lymphatic vessels, nerves and connective tissue.
      • The safe removal of liquefied fat cells takes place through the natural physiological and metabolic mechanisms of the body.
      • After a single treatment, an average two-centimeter long-lasting reduction is expected.
      • By repeating the treatments, the extent of the decrease can be multiplied.
      • Treatment with 3 treatments at 3 weeks intervals and 1 treatment 4 months after the procedure results in a cumulated reduction in the thickness of the fat layer resulting in a decrease of body size between 3 and 8 cm.
      • Ladies and gentlemen aged 20-65 are impressive and long lasting results in the abdomen, the thighs and the waist. It is an optimal candidate for treatment with a subcutaneous tissue fat thickness of 2-8 cm and a body mass index not exceeding 27.
      • Most people do not experience any discomfort or pain during or after treatment.
      • Because treatment is painless, there is no need for local anesthesia or after treatment for pain relief aftercare. There may be minimal burning sensation or redness that may cease after a few hours of treatment.
      • After treatment, guests can continue their daily activities immediately.
    • Applications:


      • Final fat cell destruction
      • Toning
      • Cellulite treatment
      • Skin tightening

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