Price includes a 3 times treatment.


Mesotherapy treatment is intended to treat hair follicles and certain types of hair loss
With needle-free mesotherapy, the drug is delivered exactly where it is most needed

Advised frequency: Once a week, 60 minutes of treatment combined with consultation



The procedure of needle-free mesotherapy scalp treatment:

  • Condition survey
  • consultation
  • Choosing a cocktail
  • Preparing the leather
  • 30-minute mesotherapy
  • Enter the ampoule

Hair Growth Mesotherapy Scalp Treatment

  • Hair loss

    Hair loss can be due to a lot of cause, and sometimes it is a natural process, as our hair changes and is intensified at a period of time. However, if your hair is running down or you are having a dry hair, it is worth taking care of it. With this needle-free mesotherapy scalp treatment, you can stop hair loss and baldness, and a hair-raising cocktail lets you start new hair growth.

    If you have fallen for a long time and have tried with hairs, shampoos and balms without positive result choose this exceptional treatment! 

  • The treatment

    With needle-free mesotherapy, the active ingredient will  exactly be used where it is most needed - around the hair follicles, into the skin. With natural hair lotions, hair loss is reduced after the first treatment, hair follicles revive, fibers of the hair fibers are strengthened, growth begins and the scalp becomes more exotic, nutritious and hydrated. The hair will be enhanced by its own strength and will be more protected against environmental influences.

    This unique method has a frenetic effect on both the men's and women's hairs, and in just a couple of months it will make a spectacular change - you will have to bump into your head.

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