Bigger tits, tighter pussy, shapely thighs and flatter belly! Would you like more?


Targeted lipolecular fatigue is completely painless, without side effects and also relaxing. Blood circulation is activated, the cell membrane becomes semi-permeable so the excess is easily emptied. The result will be spectacular!

Without any plastic surgery, you occasionally give up to 40-60 g of fat in a period of 30 minutes, which means 400-500 calories. Ideal for turbo cures, a treatment series can result in a 5-25 cm circle reduction.

Vacuum chest control device with built-in vibration means the tip of the technique. Perfect tool for breathtaking décolletage! After 10 occasions you can expect one or two coats of mass to grow and tighten your skin. Guaranteed to be successful, so if you do not have a centimeter change at the end of the program, you'll get a 10-season lease!

The treatment begins for the first time with a peeling, so your jaw pad covers will be silky, cleaner and more enjoyable. After the subsequent vacuum massage, excess waste escapes beyond the growth while the skin regains its firmness. With both cellulite treatment and a health-preserving vacustyler procedure, the effectiveness is further enhanced. Finally, it closes the program with a special breast and décolletage serum, to stabilize the achieved state.

The duration of breast treatment is approx. one hour at a time, to get maximum effect 2 times a week is absolutely necessary! The procedure is also effective for those with implants. Not recommended under 18!


The price is set to a treatment of  20 occasion included

10 treatments - breast éifting, tightening

10 treatments - lipolaser slimming

Breast lifting, tightening + lipolaser slimming

80,000Ft Regular Price
9,490FtSale Price

    Breasts often lose their elasticity and tension after age, giving birth, pregnancy. It is formed by the treatment, the breast is tightened. The special machine, a multi-way pelvic gymnastics and stimulation of the skin, together exerts its effect and helps collagen production.


    Effects of wound healing:

    • Tightens and shapes the breasts
    • breast Growth
    • My breast development
    • It raises the nipple
    • It nourishes sensitive skin and enhances its elasticity
    • It beautifies the sensitive skin of the breast
    • It makes the bones elastic, tight
    • It turns your decolletion into a chain and a spice
    • It prevents the sagging of the breasts
    • It keeps younger breasts

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