Treatment time: 80 minutes

Recommended frequency: twice a week

Recommended treatment volume: 10 treatments

Maintenance treatment: -


The price is set for a 10 occasions treatment.

Bear belly killer - 10 treatments pass


    • punch, float, slimming waist
    • infrahot heat,
    • microcircuitous grease breakage,
    • vacuum flushing,
    • muscle stimulation treatment,
    • hunger suppressive ear magnet
  • WHY?

    Depleting processes in the body slow down after our age of 35, making it harder to get rid of the intake of nutrients.If someone brings more calories to your body than you are burning, the surplus is stored by your body in the form of fat - it is used in Hungarian. The fact that excess fat is deposited depends on many things, the most important factors in this age, gender, hormone balance and genetic background.


    For the sake of our health, it is worth to get rid of the excess fat accumulated around the abdomen as soon as possible: some research suggests this is more sedate than the overweight itself. In addition, there is growing evidence that abdominal fat deposits, commonly referred to as pancakes, are particularly dangerous for the development of heart disease, stroke and other early deaths.

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