Have your body slimmed and tightened with lipolaser treatment, muscle stimulation, fat burning and winding!

Do you like the perfect shape for Victoria's Secret models? Do you think this is just genetics? We have now a body shaping package with 5 to 5 occasions for lipolecular treatment, microcirculation, muscle stimulation and winding. 

Fast weight loss, slimming and tightening

24,000Ft Regular Price
6,480FtSale Price

    5 occasions lipolecular treatment
    5 times microflow grease breakage
    5 times muscle stimulation treatment
    5 occasions winding, infrared sauna

  • Advantages of the treatment

    Lipoaser treatment is one of the most innovative treatments for non-invasive, ie painless, non-interventional treatments that treat stubborn fat dumps that are not responsive to diet and exercise. The laser safely infiltrates the skin at a specific wavelength (650 nm) and targets the fat cells.

    The microflow grease breaks specifically to bundle hard-working fat. It's the perfect solution for those who want to get rid of the dust that separates them from dreams as easily and efficiently as possible.

    During muscle stimulation, the different cuffs work in harmony with human muscle movement. Low frequency current stimulates nerves, strengthens muscle and breaks down excess fat pads. Movement created is independent of our will, effortless and tired, and free from any risk of injury or injury. Half an hour muscle stimulation can be up to 4 hours of training!

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