Unprotected fatty tissue reduction with HIFU, 20 × 20 cm surface, once per person, with guarantee. 3 in one, consumption, tightening and cellulite destruction. Take advantage of the amazing benefits of HIFU! Guarantee!Since they are 100% sure of the effectiveness of the treatment, which is without exception effective for everyone, they can make photos at the salon on request, prior to treatment and after 2 months of artificial light. If you do not see the difference, you will receive another similar treatment.

3 Elimination of Consumption, Stimulation and Cellulite - HIFU

132,500Ft Regular Price
99,375FtSale Price

    The offer applies to 20 × 20 cm body space
    Optional body areas eg abdomen + waist; both outer thighs; both internal thighs; an inner + an outer thigh; both arms; knee over both legs; full pops + hip on both sides; waist + back


    HIFU microfocus ultrasonic treatment provides instant, natural and durable results in stubborn supple and anti-cellulite fighting. It removes unnecessary fat tissue without surgery and significantly improves the body contour. It exfoliates, consumes, and acts as anti-cellulite. Now you can use the double, that is, 20 × 20 cm surface where you want it most. In addition, you will receive other body treatments in 5 × 20 minutes!

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