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These promotions are only valid in the Vitéz street 9. Salon of the Luxury VIP Residence and may be used for services offered by the Salon.

13 face and 15 body electrostatic machines plus premium serums


Come and try to perfect your body, face.


I promise you will receive all possible help if you make the definite decision to willing to change. We wait for everyone to lose weight, beautify, slim down, tighten, remove cellulite, lifting or just be more healthier, satisified with her/his face and body.

Luxury VIP Residence Szépségszalon 
Budapest - II. kerület Vitéz utca 9.

HÍVJ: +36 70 600 60 79 * +36 70 419 2144



Luxury Clinic  Szépségszalon 
Budapest -  XIV. kerület Pillangó u. 12.

HÍVJ: +36 70 600 60 79 * +36 70 770 7840